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  • Hello

    I have got problem to make my sound system works. I used example project and little modify it (in attachments). I want to make two instance of one object and every of them make own sound with volume depend on position of player. Is it possible to do it? When I move with player between them I want to hear both object at the same time and when I come closer to one of them his volume rise and other one´s volume fall.

    I hope it is enough understandable, thank you for solution. I do not know what to do with it, please help.

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  • Any advice will be great. Please help

  • You had the idea down correctly, but you need to add in a condition System | For each ship in event two. Otherwise it will just pick the first instance.

    C2 will pick every instance of the object when that object is specified in an event, but because the ship is the target of an action (not the initiator, if that makes sense - I'm not sure what the technical term is), then only a single instance is picked. By adding For each to the conditions, you're telling C2 to perform the whole event a single time for every instance of the ship.

    I hope that makes sense. It's slightly confusing thing at first but once you understand how it works, it'll make the very powerful picking system putty in your hands.

  • Ou, thank you I tried it with "for each" before with something else, but now only with "at the start of layout" and "for each" it works! Thank you very much, really.

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