How do I Use Multiple Menus In-game

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  • Hey!

    I was working on menus and inventories for my game and was wondering what the best way to go about making them would be. Currently, I simply have each menu set to it's own layer (Inventory, Map, Options, etc). From there, I simply hide or show the layer depending on which one I have active. Is this the best way of using them or will having too many layers cause the game to bog down? If not, I'm not entirely sure how I would go about doing this, so I would genuinely appreciate any suggestions.

    Also, does anyone know how to use scrolling dialogue? I can't seem to figure out how to make in-game dialogue without creating a separate textbox graphic for each individual line of dialogue.


  • An invisible layer has 0 impact in the performance, so you're good. It's also possible to use global layers if you have levels in different layouts. This way you can have all your menus in a separate layout and they load in to every level

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  • Here is a thread with some information regarding text, see if it helps.

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