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  • Hi everyone, just a quick question here - whats the best approach to having multiple levels inside construct 2 project?

    For example im working on a tower defense game and i want to have 12 maps overall.. After reading over the manual and browsing the forums I have decided to ask this question as it is not clear to me up to this point..

    Any advice much appreciated! thanks.

  • It's fairly common to use different layouts for your levels, and use include on your event sheets to have one or more sheets that apply to several levels. Have a look at layouts and include in the manual.

  • hmm you can make levels by 2 things :

    1)as Nimtrix said do layouts and everytime you win you go to the next layout...

    2) make one layout with more than one level like when you win you put more enemies and boss like that (like waves)...

  • Like zsangerous mentioned, it can often be easier to stick to one layout if your game follows the same sort of setup (like tower defense).

    You can control the waves with a global variable to keep track of what level you're on.

    Level = 1: Show background, Spawn easy enemies

    Level = 2: Different BG, Harder enemies


  • Yes, use one layout and create an array to load the information for different levels will be the best solution. It is very easy for the developer to develop it.

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  • Thanks for the advice...

  • I think that have multiples layouts would be the best solution when you don't have many levels, but, for you to keep in mind, i read somewhere in the forums that you can create autogeneretad level, i don't know how is this done, but maybe you can use ot, cause, for what i see and play, tower defense games have a lot of levels...

  • Behamut , as i said before when the game is just waves and these stuffs you can make what you said (1 layout for each world of waves) and we can do enemies kind,speed,many,attack... all by array , but when he want have many levels that doesn't look the same and has many differences so he do another layout and this is the easiest way to do the games even if its waves game.

  • Like just about everything, there are many ways to do this... Here is a thread that demonstrates a way to make a silly little autogenerated level. (There are actually 3 different examples, but the first one is the autogenerated one. The others also show different ways to go between levels.)

    Create levels and transitions

  • If you have different levels on different layouts, then if you drag an object into the layout from the projects tab - eg. the player object, or a collision sprite - then it resets all the behaviour properties to the defaults.

    This is really annoying - is there any way to stop it doing that. So for example if I wanted to set the player's max Speed to a new value, I don't want to have to go into every layout in that game and change that.

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