multiple instances of a game communicate locally?

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  • Hi everyone,

    A client I made a game for (for PC only, non web)is hoping I can semi-quickly make a new version of the game that would allow for 2 to 6 player split screen.

    I dont want to totally reprogram the game, so I'm hoping there could be a way compatible with node webkit that would allow me to have several instances of the game each communicate with one another (like for player positions for racing etc.)...that possible?



  • Same pc?

    I can tell you using multiple key presses is not a good idea. Most keyboards don't allow much over 2 or 3, and or certain keys at a time.

    Also multiple instances on the same pc would have to use the net regardless of the method, and there might be issues with them all using the same ip.

    There are a couple plugins that use the net, peerjs, and firebase, but it would be fairly hard to set up.

  • thanks for the feedback newt.

    Yes, Same PC..using keyboard, yes.. it seems theres no good way to do this? no special node-webkit related object or action etc?

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  • Haven't checked, but gamepads should work on node-webkit.

  • they do, but sadly only modern ones like xbox client must use old format d-pads(because they use custom input hardware based on old dpads like the very old sidewinders) which are not supported it would seem by node-webkit or browsers. :(

    thanks for the help and cheers,


  • I think there's a program that will let you use a dpad instead.

    Can't remember the name, perhaps someone on the forum can.

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