How do I multiple instances of "doors" with text

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  • I have a trigger object which checks variables and if all are true then the bridge will lower.

    My issue is, how can I add in a text object that will show up for only that trigger instance and then not show any more after the bridge is down? I tried stuff but it hid or deleted all of the text instances.

    Could I add the text to a container and set its position, then when the bridge is down have it invisible or delete it?

  • not sure if this will work but it's worth a try:

    give the text object an instance variable = "drawbridge"

    make a sub sub event under all that stuff in the picture

    text instance variable = "drawbridge" --> set visible, wait 2 sec, set invisible

    if that doesn't work try using the system pick by comparison

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  • no need for that entire sub event. you set Drawbridge.Open to 1 and then check if it's 1. No need to check if it's 1, you already knows its 1. On E pressed will only trigger once, if you are worried about spamming the 'E' key, just add Drawbridge.Open not equal to 1 in the condition.

    as to how how to add text.. (you should use spritefonts - download plugin SpriteFont+ and the program GiveYourFontsMonoSpace)

    -on your Text or Spritefont object, put the Fade behavior

    -add an action that has Drawbridge Spawn another object.. and that object should be the text.

    -set the Text to whatever you need it to be.

    -make sure the fade behavior (on the text) is set to Active At Start and Destroy on fadeout.

    -set the Fadeout or Wait value to be able as long as your drawbridge going down which looks to be just over 2 seconds.


    Fade in 0

    Wait 2

    Fade out 0.25

    or adjust as you like

  • I got it to work as I wanted like this:

    I put the text into a container of the trigger object, so the text will only show when you are overlapping that object. Plus when I delete the object the text also goes with it.

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