How do I Make multiple Event sheets that works

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  • Hi all,

    I faced some issues during multiple event sheets.

    For example:

    I have two sheets one that does all the actions "Main" and another sheet "Sheet2" for global variables and text changes.

    So I have in Main sheet this action:

    Every click add to Score + 1.

    Score is as global variable in sheet2, not in main.

    In sheet2 I have action that shows variable "Score" in text.

    But it doesn't change anything, when I have this action in Sheet2. Just when I make this action in "Main".

    When I debug project I see that I increase Score value, but why my text change doesnt work I have no clue.

    Can someone explain me why this is not possible? What I do wrong.


  • You did not mention that you right-clicked and added an "Include event sheet" into the Main sheet. Did you?

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  • Thank you Did not knew this feature.

    But I looked at the examples were are 3 different event sheets and on none of them are Included sheets.

    Why it works there then?

  • What examples are you referring to?

  • Space blaster. But I understood that every layer are linked to specific event sheet, thats why it works.

    But anyway thanks for you help

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