Multiple Event Sheets sharing Arrays

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  • Hi, I recently separated a single event sheet into multiple event sheets. I created an event sheet to cover each type of event (ie Player Controls, etc) and kept a main event sheet for the layout.

    In the main event sheet, I create "Include" statements for all the relevant event sheets. Everything seems to work fine...except for Array objects. It seems like Instance Variables related to Array objects no longer work. Values set on one event sheet cannot be accessed by another event sheet.

    Any advice?

    (BTW, when I separated the event sheet, I copied the events and disabled the originals. The originals still work properly if I enable them.)



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  • set the array global an define it on the first layout ?

  • Apologies, I just realized the issue was unrelated to arrays. I had added additional layers when I bought the Personal Version of the game. When I added layers, it changed the "Layer number" setting. So I was creating objects on the wrong layer. The arrays were innocent.

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