How do I make multiplayer work from different computers?

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  • Hi guys,

    For multiplayer studying porpouse, I made this 'multiplayer lobby' to test the signalling server and uploaded on Scirra Arcade, but everyone that connects to it goes to another room and become a new different host.

    I already tested it with hamachi, and it works. It works if you open 2 tabs on same browser either.

    What do I have to do to make this work on different computers/networks? Is it network problem, even uploaded on Scirra Arcade?

    Heres the link to it: ... uters-6042

    Thank you!


    I made the connection configuration following the C2 multiplayer examples, I can provide the project either if necessary.

    I do have a C2 license on my business account, this is my personal account.

  • You have to install(settle) a construct software 2 on your new device if you want test him(it) or simply to create a room via the waiter(server) arch, but when you throw(launch) a template with the same address of the waiter(server) multiplayer, they will connect as host and peers

  • Sorry, Im a begginer and I couldnt understand very well what I am supossed to do.

    When I start the layout, I did the same configurations as C2 multiplayers examples, using even the same variable names to game, room and instance. Theres a way that I can put some server ip address to connect the game?


  • you must indeed create a room , or random rooms up to you ..

    ---- > The important thing is to know that the C2 multiplayer server is open to Arcade or other platform supporting HTML5 grace at Wss : // ( Scirra server)

    Once you understand that your game is playable by all players once the bush posted on a site of your choice they will connect without problems to your multiplayer game !!

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  • just be that there is a problem with your zip, or your posting arrives you run your file and your game on two different pc ??

  • Im pretty sure that my events are correct. I can connect 2 players normally by the same browser or using hamachi.

    The problem is with 2 players on different networks.

    [quote:2a3fzq1m]just be that there is a problem with your zip, or your posting arrives you run your file and your game on two different pc ??

    I uploaded the file on Scirra Arcade and from a dedicated server, both didnt work.

    Heres my capx, just in case: ... AyVE0/view

    Thanks for answering me.

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