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  • Hi Guys,

    So I've had a dig around and couldn't find anything specific on this topic. I've also spent a fair bit of time trying different methods and haven't got anything satisfactory yet so, thought I'd throw open the floors to ideas and caps.


    2 player game on a touch device. Each player has 1/2 of the screen as "their space". Touching points within their space pops up a menu (calling the same menu each time regardless of which point they touch. Have been trying to pick UID here).

    Obviously want both player's touches to function independently within their spaces and NOT interfere with each other's menus.

    I tried making 2 big transparent sprites to 'define' the touch spaces with collision, but that hasn't worked so well. Have also been having trouble picking the UID for each point so that any menu selections are applied to the selected point (until menu is closed).

    Anyone else made any synchronous 2 player games on a touch device with Construct yet?

  • This is just a guess but you could create a transparent shape for each half of the screen to register the inputs. This wouldn't prevent someone from reaching across the "line" to the other side but it's a start.

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  • I have been struggling on the same issue too, when it comes to multitouch/multiplayer's the forum just suddenly gone quiet...

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