[Multiplayer] How do I synchronise many instances ?

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to synchronise many instances of the same object.

    In my case, each player has 5 controllable object's instances.

    Before the connection to the signalling server, I sync my object :

    Then I link it to each peer according the player :

    Finally, I recreate each instances host side (as in the tutorial) :

    Host side : no problem, I have my 10 instances, each with the correct peerid.

    Peer side : problem ? only 1 instance for each player (then 2 instances) are created at connexion..

    See yourself :

    Host :

    Peer :

    Any idea of the issue ???

    Thanks a lot !!!

  • Another way would be to separate the 5 instances in 5 objects.. handled in a family... but it's ugly, no ?

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  • I think you can only use associate object, per object, per player once.

    i.e. you can have 5 different objects associated with 1 player. As long as they are actually 5 different objects.

    Not 5 times an instance of the same object.

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