How do I Use the Multiplayer signalling server

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  • I created alot of servers for alot of games [Private Servers] so Im pretty use to this but here Im a little lost. I cant find a tutorial on how I would set this up with construct 2.

    {Still New to Construct 2}

    I want to Host my Own Multiplayer servers on my own computer. Now, I know I need to use Wamp or Xamp but Im lost when It comes to making a Login and actually having people connect to the Servers.


    1. Where Do I start?

    2. Any Tutorials?

    3. Any Tips, Tricks or addons I could use?

    Please any help is appreciated!

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  • First. you need to decide if you want a centralized server or a peer-to-peer system. If you want a centralized server, you have all of the users connect to your server via AJAX, WebSockets, etc. If you decide to use peer-to-peer you can use the Multiplayer plugin which runs through Scirra's signalling server. The signalling server is a temporary connection to serve as a meeting place for game clients to connect directly to one another, so it is not a persistent connection.

    If you choose to do a centralized server, you need to select a language to write your backend programs in. Java, Python, PHP, come to mind and design an application program interface for your server and game clients to communicate by and choose a protocol to communicate with (HTTP, AJAX, WebSockets, etc.).

    Key words to google:

    centralized, peer to peer, api, application program interface, session management, authentication

  • Start with the multiplayer plugin manual article.

    It contains link to fully explaining tutorials that takes different steps explaining how everything works. Don't skip them, start with tutorial number one and read carefully up to number four.

    Then if you want to set up your own signalling server, you will need to get it from the online store.

    Main trick: Always do go and read the manual first.

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