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  • Based on Example Multiplayer real time game that construct provide, i notice that scirra provides a signaling server "wss://".

    1) If i use this template and make some change (import some maps,new players sprite,weapons etc) but the code its still the same and publish it to play store, what happen if a million player joins?

    2) If another person make the same? What about his users? They all connect to "wss://"? They meet my users?

    3) Can i make some change to this example to only 2 players can join the room and if someone else try to join then create a new room?

    4) Can i buy somewhere a signaling server and use it?

    and finally

    5) A multiplayer game for mobile devices without lagg issues , Its possible that?

    Thank you!

  • 1) The way it is set up in the template, everyone will attempt to connect to a single host, and the host will likely be so lagged due to bandwidth limitations the game will be unplayable.

    2) Yes. But that is why you should set up a unique game name/instance/room when connecting to the signalling server so this doesn't happen.

    3) Yes. That is what rooms are for.

    4) Yes. You probably do not want to do this. You can get it here. ... server-161

    5) No. Lag is always something that must be designed around for an online multiplayer game.

    Good luck...

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  • Thank you oosyrag .

    So , if i change the GAME_NAME , INSTANCE_NAME and ROOM_NAME and change the join to autojoin with max peers 4 then the questions 1 & 2 & 3 are solved?

    And there is any chance to make a 2v2 game ? 2 player against 2 other.So the first 2 player are join the room be a team and then the other 2 players are join be the second team.


    [quote:1w1fvyxp]Join room

    Join a specific room in the given game instance. The player must be connected and logged in to the signalling server. The first player to join a room becomes the host. Max peers can be used to limit the number of peers that join. Only the host's value is used. If the room is full, subsequently joining peers will receive a "room full" error. The peer count includes the host, so 2 is the minimum value, or it can be left as 0 to allow an unlimited number of peers to join. Upon successfully joining, On joined room triggers.

    Multiplayer games are not easy to make, you should try to recreate the tutorial projects at least, otherwise you are not going to get very far. Your question is covered in the Pong tutorial. ... 1-concepts ... -chat-room ... ial-3-pong ... -time-game

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