How do I get my multiplayer shooter working?

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  • I'm making a 2D platformer shooter that is transforming into a multiplayer game now. I can connect to the server but Can't give control of an object to the other played. The confirmation that we are on the same room is a text changing. I'll give the capx, so can someone help?


  • I don't know that anyone here wants to take the time to do your job for you...

    If you have a question, we can answer, but if you can't even frame the question then no one can help you except yourself.

  • I didn't want people to do it for me, I wanted people to HELP.

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  • I didn't want people to do it for me, I wanted people to HELP.

    I plan on making a tutorial for this later to better explain why GetBit and SetBit should always be used in a game that you might simply want to include multiplayer in if you find the time to do so. As in, even if it's not a main mechanic of the game. I would assume that by this point in your project, your main problem is that you didn't start off that way and are, instead, using basic keyboard controls as is default.

    Start by changing that. Follow the Multiplayer tutorial here: ... ame/page-6

    And learn how GetBit and SetBit work.

    Before connecting to the signalling server, sync the player object, player sprite, and playerobject.inputs and add it as a peer input value (again, follow the tutorial)

    If you're controlling your player objects via GetBit and SetBit this will allow the peer to control them. But you'll want to follow the tutorial in order to learn how to identify which object belongs to the peer.

  • I didn't want people to do it for me, I wanted people to HELP.

    I would also like to mention though, making a game without multiplayer in mind from the beginning, and including it later is a pain in the ass. You'll want to keep that in mind if you plan on making games that could have multiplayer in them.

  • Apparently AWS just pushed out a new server-side framework: ... intro.html

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