[Multiplayer] How does a server host every room

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  • Hi, everyone. Since Construct 2 uses peer-to-peer multiplayer, everyone is kicked from the lobby after the host quits. This wouldn't be a problem in a game with 2 people (leaving would crash the game in any case), but if a room has 15 people and the host decides to leave, everyone gets kicked in the middle of a game. Is there a way for a server to host multiple rooms at one time so they don't rely on a player?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Open multiple tabs/windows for each game on your server

  • Thank you. But is opening hundreds of tabs the best solution to this problem?

  • Do you need hundreds of hosted game instances? A hundred tabs is one way. A hundred virtual servers is another. Or physical ones. Up to you. I think when you get to the scale of hosting thousands of players you might have another back end solution lined up that doesn't rely on the multiplayer plugin.

  • I just had a thought that technically you could have one single host that all peers connect to, and use a custom pseudo-room system to divide up the peers within the same game room instance yourself. But then you would not be able to use the host sync action, and would have to create a custom client update messaging system as well. This is probably not a good idea.

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