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  • hello got new promble agian :C

    first promble

    so everything is work but peer cannot see host angle but host can see peer angle :C

    how i do to fix it ?

    i do this

    sync object peer with position only

    and sync lookatx and lookaty instance varible

    and add inputs lookx and looky

    on client update

    ID = Multiplayer.MyID then

    set lookx as mouse.x and looky as mouse.y

    ID = Multiplayer.MyID Then

    lookatx = mouse.x

    lookaty = mouse.y



    peer set angle to x = lookatx and y = lookaty

    is something worng ?

    second promble

    why on peer connected old peer is still ?

    like when connected like peer will double create peer im sure im checked with multiplayer game :C

    i do this

    on connected

    if host set to multiplayer.myid

    associate object peer with multiplayer.myid

    else destory

    that all can you guy help me plz ? :C

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