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  • Hi! I'm having problems with the multiplayer plugin, I read every possible tutorial but I still haven't found a solution.

    I'm able to connect and login, but the problem is that if I run the example in two windows, in the first (the host) I have only one player, in the second one (the peer) I can see both the player and the host player.

    The question is: why in the host window can't I see both player moving and why the peer player can't sync its position?

    I attach the example, to connect simply select one of the item in the top right list.

    Thank you in advance!

  • You only ever associate player objects with MyID, which is not correct, you need to associate them with the ID of the peer they represent. You also never associate the object initially in the layout with any peer. The multiplayer tutorial covers how to handle all of that correctly. Try starting with one of the templates and modifying it carefully.

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  • Thank for the reply! I have already seen the multiplayer demo, but for me it's too difficoult to understand because there are so many events!

    I would appreciate to have a minimal example first...

    Are there some video tutorial that explain step by step how to do that?

    Thank you again

  • The pong tutorial is about as minimal as it is possible to make a useful multiplayer example.

  • OK thank you for your support I will check that demo too

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