How do I get multiplayer private messaging to work?

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  • I try and stay out of the forums since I'm quite the newb...but after a week of trying this I'm stumped.

    After reading and playing around with multiplayer chat I've got the signalling down (relaying through host). However, when trying to PM through the host I can't figure out how to tell the host who to send the message to.

    Multiplayer>>Send to peer "", tag "chat" message and mode. Understand this relays to the host, what I don't get is how to signal the host to relay this to a specific player in the room. Is there a capx that anyone knows of that explains this in detail? I figure there is some info I'm missing (as in I see on the tutorial the section for /pm username msg, I've tried a thousand variations and no luck). Thanks

  • I have been fiddling with this too.

    This post contains messages sent back and forth from the "Multiplayer Test client" project that is built into Construct.

    I tried to reverse engineer the message structure, but I have not taken the time to build a Java-based Web Socket server.

  • I'm messing with a diff messaging issue and think I figured this out but havn't tested it...

    PEER: on peer message "" "tag" "/"&multiplayer.peeralias (or ID)&"|"&"Hello, this is the message"

    HOST: on peer message set a variable to tokenat(multiplayer.message,0,"|")

    and a variable to tokenat(multiplayer.message,1,"|")

    (I'd use global variable set to text)

    then just forward the message to peer

    HOST: send msg "variable 1" tag"PM" msg variable 2

    then just have it display in a diff color or some such but normal paste into text area

    Hope that makes sense, seems like that would work fine (again havn't tested it).

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  • Yea, it does. It should make my reverse engineering run a bit smoother, thanks.

  • Just an peachy.

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