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  • Hi, I've spent a significant amount of time researching this today and yesterday to see if this is possible so I'm going to ask my first question... I'm looking to make a turn based board game that has multi-player possibility using the multiplayer official plugin.

    My question is that I would like to design a lobby in which I am the host not unlike the chat example. This part I can do just fine. The game should not require that I am the host of the game itself in particular, I would just like to control the main chatroom and kick people who are swearing or being offensive and such and monitor what is going on. In this lobby the players would be able to chat with each other about strategy, invite other specific players that are in the lobby to a game, or just hit a quick play button to get into a random game, then return to the lobby when finished. Maybe even save a friends list to a dictionary or something although not necessary.

    I have gone through the chat multiplayer example along with the other multiplayer examples and think this may be possible. How exactly do I get them to leave the lobby and enter a quickplay room or invite another player to a specific room? Do they have to leave the lobby room in order to go into another room? That's fine if they do I'm just asking. The lobby room will always be open since I will be hosting it. Most of the examples that have been set up refer to rooms that are already setup and hosted, or don't have a lobby, just an in game chat. I figure a lot of people would probably want to play their friends if they are in the room rather that just anybody, or may want to make a new friend and play them regularily.. I hope I have been clear, I really love construct 2 and have been playing around with it for a while now. . Most of the time I run into an issue I look it up on the forums or google it but it seems like most people are staying away from multiplayer or have more in depth questions about MMO's and multiple connections which I do not require. Thanks very much for your time and thought.

  • Yes, they have to leave the room to join another, you could use the "On left room" to make the user go to a rooms overview layout.

    The host position can be automatically taken over by another room peer if a host leaves.

    In theory, anyone could be host ... it is how you allow the mechanics to work that determine everything ....

    A host could merely be someone who keeps the connections alive, and in the background, without knowing, execute everything needed to have other people administrator the chat rooms.

    Imo, the idea to appoint a channel moderator would still require to come from the first host, the one who created the room and then gives someone moderator status. Or, you could have the user details fetched from somewhere else (ajax/php/mysql) which determines if a peer us a moderator.

    And if a peer or host has moderator status (some boolean flag), it simply needs to send commands to the host, which executes it for him. (ie a moderator sends a command to the host to kick someone else)

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  • Hey this is great, totally makes sense and answers my questions and then some. Saves me a lot of trial and error time of trying to figure out what is possible and what is not. Thank you very much for your time, effort and thought. Have yourself a great weekend!

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