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  • Hello all! A friend is on fire about this new feature and ask me something that i don't know either.

    Can we sync movement mechanics more complex than simple key presses?

    For example a swipe with starting and ending point (touch or click) but uncertain destination for the object itself?

    Or a limited draw line for a character to move along, like the movement in "Flight Control".

    Those kind of movement can still be synced and send as a normal packet between host and peers?

    I'm worry with the packet sending more than the ability to sync the movement on all peers.

    Hopefully you understood what kind of movements i'm talking about. If not then i will clarify with more examples.


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  • Have you read the three multiplayer tutorials? Syncing does not involve any transmission from peer to host, that's done by client input values, which you can send pretty much any data with.

  • Yes i read them. I didn't meant to say that the syncing was from peer to host. I was worry about what kind of data can be sent as a signal to move something.

    A key press is one thing but a drawn line maybe was an overkill. But if you say there's no dangerous limitations on client inputs i will make some happy around here.

    I will recheck the third tutorial anyways. This is a project i was not involved and i could mess up what i say to my friends :s

    Thanks Ashley for your time to answer.

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