multiplayer plugin + platformer possible?

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  • Hello all,

    Ive tried several ways of figuring this out and dont know if possible, ive gotten close to what id like (basically a multiplayer platform engine where chars can run and jump and be seen by other people, ive gotten close but im not sure if the issues im running into are caused by latency or something im doing wrong, (ive tried to disable the peers platform behavior, but it seems to work better enabled. )

    just wondering if any body else has tries something similar with any success.



  • I'm working on something similar, but with multiple controllable my only problem is getting the host to see the movements of the peers. But the Peers can see the hosts movements.

  • Ill post my results when I get home, im able to see all players move from peer and host but I think I may need to add lag comp in there somewhere

  • Ok, some playable results To share,


    Little platform multiplayer game, using arrow keys, and space, the premise is a little multiplayer arena where your gun shoots wind to knock other players into spikes.

    The Capx:

    This Capx, might be a little sloppy, and not the best to learn from, it is what it is.

  • In the end you should even be able to do something like Maplestory.

  • Wow thatd be incredible. Can't wait!

  • very cool. I was also playing around with multiplayer platform:

    but your game is better

    i noticed you have your example (like mine) has a problem with client and server player positions not always being the same and sometimes they jump around. Hard to explain what I mean... have you noticed this though?

  • [quote:20giaw5z]sometimes they jump around. Hard to explain what I mean... have you noticed this though?


    This is exactly what i'm having trouble fixing/figuring out, and wondering if it's latency, or something to do with the way hosts/behaviors are handled. maybe theres another way of creating a platform engine without using the platform behavior? maybe better to use the hosts to issue controls via physics impulses? if any body has a clue or suggestion im all ears.

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  • In your example the peers can't see the host's animations, how to fix this?

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