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  • Im trying to test multiplayer for my game on the same computer and I join a room with 2 players and after about 10 seconds the peer will just drop out of the room but the host will remain in the room.......

    Why does the peer randomly disconnect?

  • I just found out that "On Kicked" is being set off which means the peer is being kicked out for some reason.

    "On kicked

    Triggered if kicked from the current room. This can occur if the host quits, the connection to the host could not be established, or the host otherwise decides to forcibly remove you from the room. After On kicked the player is no longer in the room and must re-join a room to be able to participate in a game."

    I think this is whats happening here... So can you just not test multiplayer from the same computer/IP? Is that why its not working?

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  • Even if I use the "multiplayer chatroom tutorial" project I still get the same behavior. The peer is always kicked after a short time.


    I just found out that it works on google chrome but not on firefox.

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