Multiplayer not passing messages?

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  • Has anyone run into the issue where Multiplayer works fine on LAN;

    but, once put on a http:// site, or for that matter Newer version of Android, the players can connect but not pass information?

    It's being blocked somewhere, just not getting any errors or feedback from chrome developer tools.

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  • Per Ashley

    "You can run your own TURN server if you're willing to configure it and pay the bandwidth bills. If you have one, you can tell Multiplayer to use it with the "Add ICE server" action before connecting. Then your connection success rate should be close to 100%."

    Not to be rude, just matter of fact. Seems like it's not multiplayer lol (well it is IF you have the world drop by and join your local network.)

    Older Androids have no issue btw, but android 9 (same with Safari), is not happening. Have to admit it's rather disappointing this feature is basically depreciated.

    I'll see what I can do about a TURN server, but you all might want to stop advertising that "Multiplayer" is supported (or say, locally supported, etc.)

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