Multiplayer Look Direction Issue

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  • Hi, I am having an issue with what my peers see in a game. So the host sees the what direction all the players are looking and can see then move and look around just like in the Ghost Shooter Multiplayer example but the peers are not getting synced with what direction any other player is looking, all the players can see all the other players move but not what direction they are facing. I clearly missed something in the example when I recreated it on my own but I can not find the issue.

    I was hoping someone could pin point what events control the host sending the look info of the peers to the other peers.

    Thanks, Moochie.

  • The peer should send the mouse look x,y to the host.

    The host uses the received mouse look x,y to set that peers angle.

    The object position and angle sync should take care of your player facing the right side.

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  • Everything that has to do with the angles appears to be correct, has anyone ran into this issue before?

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