How do I use Multiplayer with LAN

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  • Ok, so i really tried my best figuring out how to make multiplayer work in LAN.

    Sometimes i thought it wasnt possible, but then i always again read these lines:

    "LAN game support for near-zero latency gameplay, including support for mixed LAN/Internet games"

    So, my question is, how?

    I got everything working with my multiplayer, im just cracking my head with figuring out how to do it in LAN,

    and waiting for NW 10 )

    This may be a question only for Ashley , but maybe some of you got an answer?

    Thanks in advance

    • Conti
  • If i'm not mistaken i thought ashley said somewhere that the multiplayer plugin already detects if your on LAN and handles data accordingly? The way he explained it is that the signaling server just sets up communication but then after that each device actually talks directly to the other devices that are connected with out going through the signalling server. So if your on LAN they talk to each other across the LAN. It probably already works the way you want.

  • Thanks troublesum , i cant find anything about the LAN mode thats why i asked

    With it being automatically, it would be kind of stupid, since some may would want to set it manually (Lan Party for example).

    I think ill wait and see what Ashley sais. Thanks anyway

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  • Yes, it is automatically supported: all you need to do is have 2 or more people on the same local network, and the signalling server will help them determine that they are both on the same LAN and connect directly, so game data doesn't even go over the Internet.

    The Multiplayer object has a 'set bandwidth profile' action which lets you improve the gameplay quality when you have effectively unlimited bandwidth and zero ping, as is typical of most LANs. However don't turn it on automatically and don't use it for games that do run over the Internet, since it will probably make the game experience worse. It should probably be an in-game option, like a checkbox that the user ticks to indicate they are running a LAN game.

    Players not on the LAN can still also join, so anyone over the internet can join your LAN game if the firewall permits. However don't use the LAN bandwidth profile in that mode either.

  • Ashley , thanks for the answer, my problem with this is, how do 2 players play together without an internet connection then?

    Also, if the player chooses "Lan" in my game, how can i then ensure that only people on the same network ca njoin him?

    It may be that i missed something there, but if not, then it may would be a great addition to make the multiplayer also work 100% offline

    • Conti
  • You always need an internet connection to connect to the signalling server. The game data will still run over the LAN.

  • hm, ok, Ashley could you maybe add an action to connect to an "Lan" signalling server for 100% offline multiplayer playing capability?

    I would be very gratefull for that

    • Conti
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