[Multiplayer] How do I get the ID of a peer from its alias ?

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  • Hi guys

    I'm currently following the tutorial : "Multiplayer tutorial 2: chat room"

    At the end, a challenge would be :

    [quote:2iwot20h]If you feel like a challenge, try coming up with a way to private message individual peers in the chat room. In IRC this is done with a special chat message command starting with a slash, such as: /pm SomeUser hello!

    In this case the host would need to relay the private message as well, but by Send message instead of Broadcast message so it is only received by the intended recipient. You wouldn't want to broadcast private messages to everyone!

    But if we use /pm user, host will need to find the peer ID linked to that alias in order to use the Send Message action, right ?

    How can we do this ?

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  • Or another way to handle private message in chat tutorial ?

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