How do I Multiplayer hosted dungeon crawler?

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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to build a multiplayer game that effectivly is a sort of dungeon explorer where by the player navigates a map but can jump in and out of dungeons dotted around said map as interacting with various objects. There will be a considerable number of dungeons and these will all be quite large.

    Given this is multiplayer, players will exist in various places naturally and there will be qutie a few types of player (armour/skills etc).

    This has left me with a few questions:

    How would you create a player/spite of a certain type for the given player with the correct stats (from a database) and the same for other players?

    How would this information be persisted, for example if a player where killed or for skills?

    If a player is in a dungeon they are effectivly in a different map and cannot interact with players on the other... not sure how that would fit with the multiplayer module?

    Multiplayer, the "game" isnt short lived as such and can exist with even 1 player, is that possible?

    And lastly is there an alternative for dedicated hosting as i am far from keen on the idea of setting up the first browser tab on the server?

    as an NB. I've already started this concept with another libary and but am consdering a change if its feasable .

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  • Make smart use of room names and store the player details locally. When a player joins a room (dungeon) just exchange stats.

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