Multiplayer with gprs mobile connections facing an issue

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  • Hi All,

    I seem to be having an issue with the multiplayer section of a game i am building with construct 2. I am using the construct 2 multiplayer object for this purpose.

    A bit of background first:

    When a player clicks on multiplayer sprite, I take him to an interim layout where connections to the signalling server are done aloong with setting up the relevant rooms, etc.

    Once another player tries to enter multiplayer, the two are immediately matched and the game progresses to the main game screen where all the action happens.


    I have always been creating two browser instances of the game while checking the multiplayer functionality on my pc which is connected to my WAN --> it works

    I created an 'apk' of the same file, uploaded to google and installed it on my phone and tried playing multiplayer with another person sitting on my pc (both devices using WAN/Internet) --> it works

    I connect and play multiplayer from my pc with another pc on another network in another part of the city using the internet --> it works

    I disconnect wi-fi and connect using 3G / gprs on my phone and try to connect and play with another person on my pc --> doesnt work!

    I try to play with another person in another part of the city playing on a pc with internet while I use my Mobile with 3G / gprs --> doesnt work!

    The two players just seem to be searching for each other till timeout and return to the home screen.

    Is there some basic information I seem to be missing? I can think of 3 possibilities:

    1) Slow internet on 3G

    2) mobile service provider blocks for gprs multiplayer gaming (not sure if it can be done though)

    3) some phone settings which may need to be enabled (that I am not able to catch)

    NOTE: My HTML 5 version of the game is also uploaded onto a dedicated site for testing

    Any ideas what could be the issue here?

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  • From a recent thread, I read that mobile phone networks "could" be blocking the udp communication.

    This in relation to udp being used for stuff like voip, which mobile phone providers rather not see happen.

    You could check with your mobile phone service provider, asking if they have blocked the communication.

  • Surprisingly i am able to run almost every other game in multiplayer using gprs...for example quizup....makes me wonder...

  • yeah I agree #suneelanirk

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