Multiplayer game with a permanent server ?

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  • Hi.

    I would like to create a multiplayer mini golf game.

    The idea is having an online, permanent server on which players connect, and they land in a global chat room. So, ALL players are client.

    From here, any of these players can create a private game on which other players can connect. Then desired, the private game host launches a game. The "host" player shouldn't be a real host, but a client too as every player action should be calculated from my server.

    I've made a very first prototype of my multiplayer mini golf when I was learning how to make a multiplayer game with Construct, but I don't know how to create a public server on wich every player connect to, instead of having a "local" server instance created when the first player connects to my game.

    I'm not sure if a player which creates a private game should be a real "server", which locally calculates its own actions as well as the other player actions in the same game (asynchronous multiplayer, and that's what I did on my prototype), or if all actions should be calculated by my online, permanent server. Which seem, on the paper, simpler.

    The thing I didn't like in my asynchronous prototype was that I had to have different events for when a player does an action, according to the player type (server or client). Like "if host … else …".

    You can have a look here : ... lf-07.capx (start two instances as this prototype need this exact number to work)

    Any idea or suggestion ? I don't mind using third-party plugins as long as they're reliable.

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  • There are lots of options for third party servers, but you need to learn server-side coding to make use of them.

    There are a few non-programming answers like, but I know how to program in Java, so this was never an issue for me.

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