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  • Greetings fellow Constructians!

    I'm fairly new, but have become quite fluent in the ways of all things Scirra over the last few months.

    I've developed a social game for phones, where people pass one phone around.Won't go into game mechanics as they are not the issue (it is in fact working great). However one of the pillars of the game is calling out for the next player by his name (hence the need for name input at the beginning via one way or another)

    The problem is I have come to the point of compiling, only to realize cocoonJS doesn't support text boxes nor Facebook plugins. Phonegap on the other hand seems a bit buggy for my needs.

    I am now stuck and can't figure out what to do. I basically need a way for players to input their names. The logical way was text boxes or somehow getting a list of facebook friends (phone owner's) to select from. OR the last idea I had perhaps a list of people in the phone's address book. As long as the players can get their names in text form.

    Colors or mascots don't work as a replacement, because of the game mechanics.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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