Multiplayer game with different areas (Layouts)

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  • I'm currently making a multiplayer game that has several different areas to explore.

    After digging through the many multiplayer tutorials, I learned that multiplayer works by having the host have the main game, and the peers "copying" the host's game. Thus having the host move the peers around etc.

    My question is, how do I make a game where the host can be in one area (on one layout) and a peer (or peers) can be in a completely different area (layout) at the same time.

    With the way I understand the multiplayer plugin right now, the host and ALL the peers would have to move to the new layout together.

    Any suggestions are appreciated! ~

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  • Twili you could create an illusion. What you could do is have when the player goes over a door (this is when the layout is supposed to change but dont change it what you could do is change the animation of the objects on the layout 1 so then it looks like your changing layout with different objects but your still in the same layout but the objects are on a different animation). I dont know if this will work but its worth a try!

  • LaurenceBedford That would still change the area for everyone playing (if I'm thinking of this right, please correct me if I'm wrong), but thanks for your suggestion!

    Any other ideas anyone?

  • Twili not neccesarily it depends if you mimick it for the other multiplayer

  • Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Either with layers or otherwise? I'm very confused now :/

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