Multiplayer Game Connection lost from peer to host communication

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  • Hi,

    Ashley I have developed a multiplayer game and i have tested this game in browser's on local server as well as live server.But when i test my game in iPad's or Android devices the game get's connected to the host room but peer is not able to respond to host that's why the game is not working . But in browsers this is working fine.

    Project Url :-

    For Teacher Login:-

    There will be two buttons first one will be student btn and second one will be teacher btn.So first click to teacher btn then two input fields will be there first will peer count means total number of players in game so put 3 players and next input field is countdown timer(in minutes) so put there as 3 after clicking on next button next input field is teacher name so put the teacher name. After clicking next button the 4 digits pin will be generated.

    For Student :-

    When you click the student btn then you will required to fill the two fields the first one is the 4 digit pin that you have generated when the teacher is logging to the game and the second field is student name and click join btn .

    So in this way create 2 student that will join the game . Now when the total peer count is 3 then go to the teacher screen where the 4 digit pin is generated click the play btn down the pin. Now the game starts and turn goes to the first peer.

    So please help me to find out the issue that why this game is not working on ipad or android devices.



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