Multiplayer game connecting with Facebook friends ?

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  • Is it possible to make a multiplayer game that can connect/invite my friends from Facebook? I am thinking Candy Crash Saga level map, where you see your friends picture and the progress they made on the game.

    Can any of the facebook plugins (C2 official, cranberrygame, Ludei's atomic plugins) that can get my facebook friends name+picture? I did not see it?

  • Yes you can, but you'll have to set your own database and use it with the AJAX plugin. Use Facebook plugins only to login, share, get friends list, etc. and database to maintain game and players data.

    About the picture is easy to obtain with the Facebook User ID (Facebook plugins gives you the ID): ... r/picture/ (again with AJAX plugin)

  • GamerGon Thanks , but I don't see an action to get friends list in C2 official facebook plugin. The user ID that the plugin is giving, is the current user logged id (me). I am wrong?

  • You're right, the official C2 Facebook plugin doesn't have that. You'll need to use non officials.

    And yes, the user ID is from the logged user.

  • With the official C2 Facebook plugin you can only do a global ranking (getting the data from your database).

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  • GamerGon Do you mean by "global ranking" = HiscoreRank expression? Can you please make a printscreen or something showing me how to get the database you are talking about?

  • HiscoreRank is to use the Facebook score system, and it is very limited. The last time I wanted to use It, it only saved ONE variable value for every player, so if you have to save for example "number of plays", "global score", "level score", "number of lives", "number of tries for level", etc... you can't. You only can save in Facebook a number, usually called score.

    When I say "database", I mean getting a hosting with database... and programing... PHP. mySQL, etc. I think is too much to explain it here hahaha

  • Ah...I understand now what do you mean by the database. I have to build it myself. To complicated for me. Thank you

  • Ah...I understand now what do you mean by the database. I have to build it myself. To complicated for me. Thank you

    Sorry to read that, but yes... you have to build it yourself

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