How do I make a multiplayer game to be always on?

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  • Hey guys...

    This may be a simple question for many of you, but I really dont have any idea...

    I want to create a multiplayer online game but, I want it to be a long one, so it cannot be terminated when the first person (host) turns the computer off, so I need, I guess, a way to simulate this host into a server.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, on how to do it, please?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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  • I'm pretty sure your only solution is to have a host logged all the time. Even if he is not playing the host has to be there for communication to and from all peers to work. Maybe just have a server/computer/VM what ever running that is connected to the game always as a host?

  • I thought something like that... I was thinking to be the host, however, I do not trust the power supply and if I have a problem (like an outage), everything will be lost.

    Do you have any idea of any reliable server / VM I can use?

  • Nothing short of paying for your server to be hosted (co-located) at a professionally run data center where you own the server outright and its just located on the rack in their server room will give you 100% up time. And that's not cheap.

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