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  • Hi, I've almost made a Multiplayer game.. I was wondering it is possible to "Save Friends" using some permanent Friend's ID? So that people can "Add" (save) their friends they played with, and later able to see a list of which friends are "Online", so they an offer them a Match.

    Is it somehow possible?


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  • OK.. It depends..

    If I was creating a multiplayer game, I would probably have an own server to handle with this kind of thing.

    A backend server with API can handle that. So on Construct you will be using ajax requests to know if your friends are online or not, asking it to the server.

    To "Save Friends" you can use local storage, it will just save the name/id of the friend, so, on construct you can do like:

    Every 5 seconds

    For each (array value with friends id) ajax request

    result: on

    - set status icon to green


    - set status icon to red

  • Thanks, that makes sense.

    Just before I try anything, I want to know if Multiplayer.peerID remains constant for each user (device), OR, it changes each time for the same user log in?

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