Multiplayer with a fixed server as host?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have started a new project that is similar to a PBBG. Since I am pretty familiar with C2, I thought I'd use it (I am not a coder anyway). As far as I know the multiplayer in C2 works using P2P connection. Is there a way to make it so that a server would act as the sole and only host and others connect to it? If so, are there any guides around that would guide me on how to do something similar (without assuming that I am a professional coder)?

    I also read somewhere that the maximum number of players allowed in such a connection is 100, is that correct? Anyway to increase the number?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • I asked this same question some time ago. The answer is no, unless you want to run a browser on your server to serve as the "host" in the P2P architecture of C2 Multiplayer. Getting away from the P2P architecture is not possible at this point in time.

    We are going to be using AJAX to maintain game state for our game running off of a centralized server set.

  • Ah, shame! But thanks a lot I have been digging around untill someone replies and I read somewhere that Photon Networking solutions might work with C2. Is that just a guess? Or has someone done that? If so, does this require intensive coding knowledge? Or can a non-coder do something similar?

    I have been looking forward to use C2 in the project; it is the easiest tool that I found to do the job by far!

  • Photon works very well. They also have a plugin here to make the set up easy.

    The free account is really only for testing.

    The price tier isn't too bad either, that is if you can monetize your game.

    I've tried all available options currently, and think they are the best at the present moment.

  • DUTOIT well, in that case I think that might be good news. So would Photon work in the setup I am looking for? Is there a guide somewhere I can follow on how to use this?

    Also I found this:

    Would this Socket.IO plugin thing work in the setup I am after if Photon won't? Which is easier?

  • Photon scales to 1000's of concurrent connections... at a price, which is pretty reasonable considering the hardware server you may need to get same.

    They manage everything.

    The plugin has everything you will need. and they offer tons of documentation so you can write your own.

    Do it yourself vs 3rd party.

    If you are super savvy and are a wizz with servers etc then Socket.IO plugin might be better.

    But, if you would rather run a business, build a game and not spend all your time fine tuning a server etc, then photon is better choice.

  • I'll have to investigate this Photon. Our game is not as latency-critical, so AJAX will work, but I want to find new solutions for future games though.

    I believe the multiplayer plugin is based on, or a specialized version of it.

    If you do manage to write a centralized multiplayer plugin Vallar , let me know! I will eventually build a centralized multiplayer plugin for Construct, but I need to finish this game first to free up the time to do that, lol.

  • Photon scales to 1000's of concurrent connections... at a price, which is pretty reasonable considering the hardware server you may need to get same.

    They manage everything.

    Well that is definitely a great solution. If even the free version is limited. I won't need at the start more than the free one for testing.

    I did find their original post (Exit Games) here on the forums. But it doesn't have a tutorial so I am going to search around for one. Thanks a lot for the confirmation DUTOIT


    I doubt I'd write up a plugin. I am not a coder. But if I ever did, I'd be thrilled to share it around

  • Me too, lol.

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