Multiplayer bandwidth throttle - is it worth it / viable?

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  • Just an open question because this is something I am now thinking of working on....

    I'm designing a multiplayer game for a max of 4 or 5 players. I am using the basic functions of the Multiplayer plugin but, because it is useless with the platform behavior I have opted to create my own data sync-engine. No biggie, but it's a slow process, and I'm now very aware that things could get out of hand if I am not careful. My question concerns bandwidth management:

    Has anyone considered bandwidth throttling with Multiplayer? At 30 fps my sync data-rate is approx 12 kbps, which I think is totally acceptable for a desktop game where the player has a good internet connection. So.... Is it likely to be worth trying to create a data-rate throttle system that detects when the data-rate is poor for a client (probably by time-stamping the data) or am I just over thinking something that really is a non-problem? It's my first multiplayer game, so I'm having to make some assumptions...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated..... Thanks.

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  • I wouldn't bother with throttling - the multiplayer engine's approach is to assume if the data rate is too high the network will drop packets, and it can compensate pretty well for packet loss by interpolating between the packets it does receive. However to achieve that it has to impose an artificial delay on the incoming stream, so it has something to interpolate to. All in all it's a pretty complex system - it would probably be better for us to fix that bug...

  • Thanks Ashley - that's good to know... I won't bother with creating a throttle which will certainly save me a lot of testing of something that will provide little gain (if any)!

    I hope the cause of that bug doesn't prove to be too elusive!

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