How do I use Multiplayer across different Layouts

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  • Hi

    This has me stumped.

    I can use Multiplayer on the one layout fine (in fact, its great!). The Host spawns the objects and uses sync to "control" them on the client.

    But how do you use Multiplayer across different layouts? Lets say your game has two layouts (levels, worlds, whatever) and the host/peers switch between them. The idea of using the Host to spawn and sync objects stops working.

    Any ideas how to overcome this?


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  • Since I have multiple levels in my Multiplayer game I need to make it work on different layouts, too.

    I did not try it yet but thought I would create a loading layout where data is exchanged (what char each player has, what level was voted or selected) and then a new layout is loaded on all peers and the game starts. Is this not working with the current Multiplayer plugin?

    /Edit: After looking around for a while it seems it works across multiple layouts. I will test it soon.

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