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  • Hello,

    I (almost) made a top down shooter (like Gta) and now i want to make it Multiplayer.

    I read The Tutorial but i didn't understand it properly.

    Can anyone teach me ( step by step) how can i do my game multiplayer and host it with Google Drive?


  • Multiplayer is not simple, which I guess is why it comes under intermediate and advanced. For C2 I would say that the tutorials are the best way of learning how to use it. Personally I found previous knowledge also helped. It's such a broad topic that a step by step tutorial would not really be of much use. It's not like any other object in C2, where you can just call upon it when you need to, you really need to design your game (or at least the multiplayer aspect) and use it as the core that you are working with.

    I can try and answer specific questions to do with the topic, but a whole "I don't understand" is to vague in this large a topic.

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  • briggybros

    Ok , i will study and try it myself but could you help me with this?

    scirra .com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=123953

  • I am learning how to do the multiplayer programing now myself. I have found there is a big learning curve to the logic in it. You most likely will need to start over to add in the multiplayer to your game from the very start. I am doing small little demo's to learn the in's and out's of it. and adding more and more as I go.

  • Maxum

    Ok , Thank you

    when ur'e finishing the project could you possible give me the small .capx?

  • You can find what I have here

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