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  • Using the Particles plugin, is there a way to give each particle a random color?

    Since the Particles plugin doesn't support multiple sprites, I tried to fake it by using a large colorful image and sprite effects, but it's not working. Not even the Sprite Effects example works. :(

    Here is the demo and capx. Just click anywhere in the game area to trigger particles.



  • I see what you're using blend effects and force texture on layer which uses firework particle. You did it wrong, there a solution, background doesn't require to force own texture, only it does to particle object with effect destination out and layer is NOT transparent and forced texture.

    There a fixed .capx

    Also remind force texture feature MAY consume the majority of CPU, there a workaround to save performance, you must create separated particles with different colour, make an sprite acts as spawner, it's invisible and generates 1 each firework with different colour, also create an global variable, its value is 0. System creates an spawner sprite on mouse position, spawn is on created, set variable value is "choose(1, 2, 3)".

    1 = blue

    2 = red

    3 = green

    Besides if global variable is 1, creates blue fireworks on spawner position, then spawner gets destroyed and set 0 to blue variable when it's done. I hope it helps you.

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  • or try spawn three other (color) particles in same place and time

  • Joannesalfa

    I guess it's best not to use layer effects in that case. However, I have to use the Particle plugin because it's for the contest. Thanks but, I go with delgado's idea.

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