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  • Hi guys! New to construct 2, long time game maker user.

    Really excited on learning this great program, already very impressed. Wondering if someone can give me a clue where to start with an idea i have.

    What I would like to accomplish is to create sort of a "multi-view" in the game. The screen would be split into segments, and the player would be able to run though them, but the scenery would show differently in each screen as well as differnt sprites/behaviours in each (it would be side scrolling as well).

    I am going after using each segment to be a differnt time/place/season/etc. So as you pass between them, an enemy might changes its sprite when it passes between the views, and gain/lose different powers (maybe it would be weaker in one screen vs the others giving you the advantage).

    I wondered if there was a way to define these "zones" somehow and support a sprite showing half and half between them. I would assume layers would play a part. Does construct 2 have masking?

    What would be a good starting point to build something like this? Thank you so much if you can give me some ideas!

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  • If anyone was interested, i finally figured this out.

    Did this with blend modes. I made one layer per "zone" and each layer had "force own texture" enabled.

    Each layer had its own background image, and the player sprite i wanted to use was set to blend mode "source atop" - this hid the sprite when it passed outside of its zone.

    Worked OK - accomplished what I wanted.

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