How do I get multi-touch in html5 to work?

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  • After wrapping it in cocoonio as an android apk, multi-touch works, but if I play it on mobile phone from a browser, it doesn't quite work, the character just stops if I press two buttons at the same time. Or is it the "Scale Letterbox" setting? In android, it is fullscreen with no letterboxing. So I'm wondering if it's just that.

    Is there any do's and don'ts with touchscreen buttons? I've been out of the game dev loop, buttons in my last game worked fine. But I never really found out if there is a minimum size to touch buttons.

    I would post links to the game, but I don't want my thread to be deleted. My thread that I updated with links in another category got removed. (Unless I somehow accidentally deleted it, since my keyboard has been acting up lately).

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