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  • I don't think this is possible, but if it were that would help me so much that I thought I'd just check.

    Can you make a family with multiple types of plugins? Example: I want to make a menu item family that contains sprites and sprite fonts (and maybe normal text too). If not, is there a workaround that would make it work similarly? Or do I just have to make a set of events for each menu item class?

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  • i have a good idea to how make menu easily.

    i make a menu with all texts and ,button, and designs i want in photoshop. ( it not take much time if you know what you doing ) after you finish designing your menu import it in construct 2 then add image buttons (not default button) object to your layout and rename them, for example if i create a text in photoshop that say : start the game, i rename the image button to start, and move them inside the text you want be clickable, and make this event : image button (renamed to start) : en clicked → action : system : go to layout when the game start.

    i hope you understand what i mean . i make easily background menus with the same method

  • I could do that, and it could work, but it seems rather clunky and would require making a screen-sized image for every menu in the game, and one for each layer of some layered menus, which would take up a significant amount of RAM when uncompressed in memory (I've had memory issues already with a big backdrop).

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