How do I make multi-layer lighting?

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  • So my lighting system is based on a destination out blend with sprites at a non transparent black layer to create holes to simulate light, with a layer under it to provide color for these lights, this basically includes a color only sprite and a hole sprite.

    What I am asking, is how could I make this multi-layered so that we have a floor lighting system working and a top lighting system working. Say there are lights on the floor that we want the player to step over and block like a dance floor, and lights on top that the player cannot block for sprites like a lamppost and such.

    Here is an example of how the lighting system is flawed or working.

    As you can see the real problem is adding bottom lights, just how can we do so without conflict with the top lighting system?

    This is a really big part to my game and would be a great help to have it figured out.

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