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  • I searched the forum but couldn't find anything about this..

    Is there any way to offer multi-language (localization) support in c2? It looks like I'm doomed to put several if conditions at the current state? Is there any other solution?


  • Nice question. Was wondering the same myself.

  • I only find it in

    Your Construct2 folder\languages[/code]
  • But that is notr related to your creations, but C2 itself.

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  • I thought of this myself and had a few ideas for current workarounds:

    1. Arrays

    You could define an array to hold all the languages.

    On runtime, you can select the array corresponding to the selected language.

    Problem with this, you have to manually edit the array every time something changes and you have to recompile.

    2. Outsourced Languagefiles (maybe a simple PHP Script?)

    You can setup language files on your server and you get the strings per AJAX GET or POST Request.

    Problem, you need to know how to script such stuff :)

  • Outsourced language files are not viable as they require constant internet access and possibily a json parser to actually divide the language file that comes from php.

    The array is a good idea but it's still in the same ballpark as making several if (ie not very "comfortable" to manage)

  • The "Configurations" feature was partly aimed at this. You can create a different configuration for each language, and edit object properties separately in each configuration, e.g. setting different Text strings. However it's not really a finished feature. Some kind of plugin to help with localisation might be necessary.

  • I had a an idea which I'm using for my project.

    It's not easy maybe, but I'm accustomed to working with arrays so for my mindset it's pretty easy.

    You do something like this:

    You write in a file





    Then lerp to select language, if you name buttons and labels as numbers it's easier to then assign them using a for cycle.

  • Does the plugin loadJSON fit?

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