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  • I have a developer who is wondering if Construct 2 allows for multiplayer in real time, meaning he could have two tanks on the game operated at the same time with him controlling one tank while the other is controlled by a friend of his rather than an AI or bot.

    Is this possible and if so what are the restrictions to this kind of environment and is it easy or hard to implement this into his game?

    Thank you for your help!


  • Hey darth, you can do it..

    Its probably too hard though to do on your own unless you have experience, or unless you like swimming in the deep end :)

    If you want more info there is a couple of threads you should take a look at. Just use the search box on the site. Others have made some progress.

  • It depends: -doing it on the same computer is pretty easy.

    -Doing it online with mostly client side programming requires a little programming and basic network knowledge but is not too hard.

    -Doing it with mostly server side coding and using C2 mostly for display is the hardest and more network intensive but also the most secure(really hard to cheat).

    Most of the time you won't need the third option, unless you're creating an MMO or any game where online is the most important aspect.

    If your friend knows what he is doing, he can really implement both without it being too hard.

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  • Construct 2 doesn't support multiplayer out of the box - it needs additional third party work to implement:

    1) a game server to manage the interaction between the players/tanks

    2) a plugin for C2 to allow each player/tank to communicate with the server (and thus with other players/tanks).

    Whether this is too hard depends on your developer's experience with networking.

    As GenkiGenga says, do a search for 'multiplayer' - you'll find that at least three plugins have been developed.

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