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  • Hello!

    I manage to upload new versions of my games (I have some gaming sites, and I do games for them), by changing the version of the game in the project file (In Construct2 at Properties > About > Version) and by changing a line in the exported files, in index.html, at "<script src="c2runtime.js"></script>" I will change for version 2, by adding "?version=2", and I write: "<script src="c2runtime.js?version=2"></script>".

    All good, it works perfectly for Chrome, Edge, and for Mozilla to, but, I got a problem. In Mozilla, I verify and the version is updated, but I see just a black screen, nothing else. If I try the game in Mozilla Private (Incognito), it's work perfectly.

    But what is interesting is that the version will update, if I check the version by going View Page Source and going to that line, with c2runtime, I see there the new version.

    Anybody know what is wrong? Or have a better idea to upload new games and flush the cache?

    Thank you!

    PS: You can check the game here:

  • Just tried your game in FF 56.0.2 x64 and it works OK.

    Have you installed any new addons lately?

  • You shouldn't change the script tag like that. It will break offline support and circumvent the existing versioning system.

  • Ashley

    Ok, but how I can set my new versions of the game? Is there a way?

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  • I can't help unless you at least share the error message from the browser console, or a link to the game. It should all work automatically, but sometimes if you have a misconfigured server or forget to upload certain files, it can cause problems.

  • Let me explain.

    I create a game and upload it to my server. Now, the game is located at . Now, a bunch of webmasters take my game and publish it on their sites, creating an iframe code. All good by now.

    Let's say that I saw a bug, and I want to fix that. The game is played until now by 10000 players. I open my file projecs (cpax), make changes, export it, reupload in the same directory, so that the link is still live.

    Now, the problem appear. My chanes are not visible for those 10000 players who played the game before, becase the game is still function from cache. How can I force the browser to take my latest update of the game for those who played before?

    Thank Ashley!

  • You just need to reload the page and it will use the new version. The first load after an update detects the update, but loads the old version; the second reload starts using the new version.

  • StefanN

    This won't help with current players using the cached version, but for future versions if you add something like this to your splash screen or main menu it should force reloading the updated version

    Browser: On update ready -> Browser: Reload

    From the Manual:

    [quote:ousyv8j6]On update ready

    Triggered when the game is running from cache, but an updated version has finished downloading in the background. If the user is still on the game's menu or title screen, you may wish to prompt them to refresh the page (or just do it automatically) so the new version is loaded

  • Ashley

    Ok, I understand. Thank you!


    Ok. I will add that event to my games. Thanks!

  • >>>You just need to reload the page and it will use the new version. The first load after an update detects the update, but loads the old version; the second reload starts using the new version. <<<<<

    Never works. In Firefox I can keep reloading until my arms fall off, still shows me cached version. Same thing on Galaxy phone, their browser or Chrome for Android. And it has never worked, not even once for me.

  • BadMario

    Yep... that's pretty true. I tried to reload on different browsers, PCs, and nop... never worked. The update never comes.

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