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  • I had made part of my game which would be a turret that would shoot at enemies based on the turret behavior (blah blah).

    I ended up wanting it to be more of a character you move and auto shoots. You tap the map and it moves towards that point and if anything comes into it's range, it shoots at it. So I thought leaving the turret behavior on would work pretty well for it, like it's just a moving turret.

    Looks like when the turret is currently moving toward it's given point it won't shoot. Once it stops, it starts functioning as a turret again. Is this on purpose or did I miss something with my scripting?

    I'm sure I could make my own functionality of the character shooting at things when in range, just thought the turret behavior would save me some time.

    Anyone else come across this?

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  • How are you moving the turret?

  • Yikes, I think I am setting my angle towards the touched spot, then move forward each tick. Could that be causing problems that I am setting the angle?

  • why dont you try to use the pathfinder behaviour to move your turret. simply add the touch.x and touch.y as the target. then on path found -> move along path.

    try if that works. else you gotta provide a capx or at least a live demo.

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