How do I make moving sprites collide with each other

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  • Hi guys,

    First off all: im totally new to construct 2 and game design in general so srry for my noobness .

    Ive finished the top down shooter tutorial and i am polishing the result (adding my own sprites, background textures and sounds etc.) just to get familiar with the construct basics, i love it and its working out surprisingly well.

    The only thing i can't wrap my mind around is: the sprite that resembles the enemy npc i got it respawning a lot and after a while there are a lot off it on the screen, but they are overlapping each other resulting in a big pile of pixels. How can i make those moving sprites collide with each other or at least not overlapping?

    Sorry for my broken english, its not my native language and thanx in regard.


  • in event sheet - add event - select sprite 1 - is in collision with - select sprite 2

    • add action - do something when they collide.

    now if you (as much as i noticed) don't want them to be around the same spot - you can use push out solid action - push the one that comes into collision for xy pixels in x,y direction. or you can write down some other "combo" that you want to use when they hit each other.

    there's a lot of stuff you can do with collision since it's a main thing in games.

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  • Ok thnx for your fast response! looking into it now

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