How do I make a moving solid tile object's solid behaviour switchable?

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  • Thanks to the "Sine behaviour", objects can change their opacity. When the opacity of the object is say "0" I want the solid behaviour of the same object to be disabled then and toggle it back to enabled once the opacity is non-zero so that way the player will fall of the screen when the opacity of the object is 0 like the object is gone but for some reason it doesn't work. I know there are other ways to achieve what I want (such as using every x second, move "object x" to position "x,y" but I'm looking for a way to do that using first method as it seems easier to handle.

    Detailing the problem here:

    For example lets say the object name is "MovingSolidTile" that has two behaviours: Sine,Solid.

    Sine: Movement-Opacity, Magnitude=100 (Opacity will go between 100 to 0 opacity in a fixed period)

    Compare Opacity of MovingSolidTile

    Opacity is less or equal to 10= Disable solid behaviour of the object

    Opacity is more than 10= Enable Solid behaviour

    The problem: MovingSolidTile will remain "Solid" activated always even when object is not visible

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