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  • I'd like to add shadows to some of my solid sprites and I'd like to do this without shadow caster (for stylistic reasons) by having a separate shadow sprite beneath the object. Camera follows player and shadow sprites would move in relation to where the player (platform behavior) is positioned in relation to each object: if player X & Y are at center of object, shadow is straight behind the object and not showing. If Object is at far right of the screen shadow is offsetting object by say -100 pixels. If object is at far left, shadow object is 100 pixels etc. So when running to the right, as player is moving past objects their shadows are moving accordingly. How is this achieved? I dont need long shadows, just simple moving shadows the size and shape of the object.

    If this is already discussed I apologize, but I could 't find any previous topics so if anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear them:)

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  • Something like this? ... adows.capx

    Can't remember who originally posted this capx..

  • LittleStain Are you able to re-upload this capx. It's sounds just what I'm looking for but its' currently 404 not found. Thanks

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